(Unfolding) Platonic Solids

Before I was an ActionScript coder I was a mathematics teacher. It may have been a giveaway that coding was more my style than teaching when I made this, originally in AS2: (roll-over to activate)

Later on I ported it to AS3 for a game that was never published. I made these:

Then, I forgot about it, for a long time, but I just came across it again! It’s actually my own 3D library, back in the days before I had heard of Papervision or Away3D, or any of the others. It draws the polygons using Graphics. That part is worthless.

However, I haven’t seen the dihedral angle structure that allows me to define the solid to open and close in other code. Perhaps this will be useful to someone. If you would like it, then you’re very welcome!

The code is here: https://github.com/alecmce/ptolemy3D/tree/master/src. The unfolding parts here.

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